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    Achieving fuller, longer and healthier hair starts with your scalp.

    AMH, which fittingly stands for Add More Hair, was developed with doctors and contains ingredients like salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione that exfoliate the scalp, get rid of dandruff, alleviate seborrheic dermatitis and improve general scalp health. The result? Hair growth and the prevention of hair loss, plus soft and silky strands (thanks to panthenol, derivative of vitamin b5).

    The luxe yet effective cleansing shampoo is formulated with herbal extracts, giving it a stress-relieving, spa-like scent.

    No wonder it has a big celebrity following in Korea!

    16.9 fl. oz, 500 ml. This product has a ph level of ~7.7. 

    ***Not recommended for color treated hair. 

    How To:

    Wet hair and scalp with lukewarm water. Apply one to two pumps and massage gently.

    Let the formula foam for two to three minutes before rinsing. Follow with your favorite conditioner.

    Shampoo has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 13 reviews.