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    This cream is formulated with 64% snail mucin to deeply hydrate skin. Bee venom also helps promote collagen production. Steam creams are blended using high temperatures and steam technology, which increases the efficacy of the formula. This cream is suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

    This product has a pH level of 6.5-7.5

    1.76 oz / 50g



    Their complex blend of really high performing ingredients, coupled with the use of steam technology at a consistent 100℃ to blend and stabilize them, helps the ingredients work better for you, and for longer too.

    How To:

    After cleansing, toning and using treatment products, dispense the cream into the palm of the hand. Smooth or pat over skin, until fully absorbed. Follow with SPF during the day or use it as your last skincare step at night.