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    With over one million sold in Korea, this popular and innovative 2-in-one brow product will change the way you think of eyebrow pencils! The marker pen is used to tint the skin under the brows for a temporary tattoo finish. The brow mascara on the other end adds shape, volume and a tint of color to sparse brows. The formula's safe ingredients uses a self-tanning method to stain the surface of the skin for that natural pigmented color that will last for days!

    Pen:0.1 oz / 2.8g
    Brow Mascara: 0.16 oz / 4.5g

    How To:

    After washing your face, fill in and define the shape of your eyebrows using the tattoo pen. Then apply your skin care products as usual.

    In the morning, cleanse your face and apply your skin care products as usual. Use the mascara to add volume and color to your brows. Apply the tattoo pen regularly to create a long-lasting natural eyebrow look.