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    From stressors like UV rays, temperature changes, to pollution, environmental factors constantly wreck havoc on our skin. This cream is formulated with 7% Bio RTx, a specially designed complex, to strengthen skin barrier and protect skin from further damage. Antibacterial peptides ward off harmful bacteria while salicylic acid and basil petal extract balance skin’s moisture level and reduce excess sebum production. If you want more even toned skin and to repair any damage, use this cream in your daily routine.

    0.70 oz / 20 ml


    "My skin looked like how I love for it to look after using an effective moisturizer meant to offset one of my skin flare ups: balanced, calm, and plump." - Renee

    How To:

    Use as the last step in your skin care routine. Apply all over face and neck and gently pat to aid absorption.