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    A double-ended silky contour duo stick that features a bronzer and a highlighter to define, sculpt, and illuminate your face. This easy-to-use formula glides on effortlessly for a crease-free, natural finish.

    #1 Highlighter + Shading is suitable for those with warm/yellow undertones.
    #2 Light Base + Dark Shading is suitable for those with cool/pink undertones.

    0.12 oz / 3.4 g


    "The angles that needed more definition were a bit more chiseled, while other areas of my face looked softer where it needed to be, and my whole face just generally looked more balanced and enhanced." - Charlotte

    How To:

    Apply directly onto face using the darker shade on areas you want to add more depth or de-emphasize, and the lighter one on areas that you want to bring forward and emphasize. Blend it with your fingers or a soft highlighting brush.