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    The common problem of tacky and dry matte lipsticks is solved with this matte liquid lipstick formula that goes on smooth and actually feels hydrating throughout the entire day.

    Packed with a rich pigment, the color goes on strong and instantly locks on lips, thanks to a "quick-fixing oil" that coats lips with a film, allowing for long-lasting color that stays on for hours.

    • The "Peach Beige" is a medium musty pink.
    • The "Rose Pink" is a muted hot pink.
    • The "Yeri Pink" is a vibrant hot pink.
    • The "Joy Grapefruit" is a bright orange red.
    • The "Wendy Brown" is a peachy nude.

    0.14 fl. oz./4 grams

    How To:

    Starting from the inside of your lips and working out, use the tip of the applicator to lightly apply lipstick for a gradient effect or lightly apply the lipstick equally all over for a full lip effect.

    Allow two minutes for the lipstick to fully dry.

    Matte Chic Lip Lacquer has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 6 reviews.