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    This unique product serves two functions in one: It acts as an effective skin resurfacing serum by inducing cell turnover of the outermost layer of skin, keratin, and it’s packed with high levels of strawberry extract and natural seed oil, so it also works as a nourishing face oil. The best part is that when you put this serum on, it hugs your skin tightly, ensuring that no moisture is lost throughout the night.

    2.36 oz/ 70 ml


    "After using the serum every other night for a good two weeks, I loved how it hugged my skin all night and made sure no moisture was lost. In the mornings after, I noticed that my skin was supremely hydrated and looked super bright." - Renee

    How To:

    After cleansing and applying a toner and an essence, spread a few pumps of the serum onto your face and gently pat it in until it’s absorbed.