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    Recommended for those with oily skin types, this lightweight, water- and sweat-resistant facial sunscreen provides high protection against UVA (PA+++) and UVB rays (SPF 50) without leaving any greasy feeling or unpleasant fragrance behind. Enriched with green tea and tea tree extracts, it also controls sebum production and mattifies your skin without drying it out. Other relevant ingredients in this formula are thanaka, a paste made from ground bark that helps to soothe the skin, and rose extract (antozone-rose), that protects against damages caused by other environmental stressors, like pollution. Skin stays smooth and shine-free throughout the day.

    1.6 oz / 50ml


    If you live in a hot, humid climate or you struggle with large pores, oil, and sebum, definitely give this a try." - Tina

    How To:

    Shake the bottle before dispensing the formula into hands. After moisturizer, generously apply All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+/PA+++ on face and neck. Can be used underneath BB cream for added sun protection.