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    Jazz up your nails with donuts, pizza, popsicles, or do a proper throwback to your Ken and Barbie days. These nail art decals are easy to use and add instant flair to your nails.

    Each sheet comes with over 100 nail decals to choose from!

    Check out the Modern Art Bling design!


    "#OOTD Nail Stickers are a great substitution for anyone who wants to rock negative space nail art, but may lack the necessary skills. The Hollywood Valley Girl Stickers have a silly, lighthearted 90’s vibe." - Lourdes

    How To:

    1. Apply a base coat to clean nails.
    If you like, apply two coats of desired color, or leave it clear—it's up to you! Allow to dry.

    2. Using tweezers, pick up the sticker from the film and place desired art onto your nail.

    3. Apply two coats of clear top coat and allow to dry.

    4. All done!