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    Say goodbye to dry and cracked lips!

    This adorable hydrogel lip patch fits snugly over your lips and provides hydration with essence full of nourishing ingredients. A variety of fruit extracts, including grapefruit, strawberry, and blackberry, work hard to slough off dead skin cells while glycerin brings moisture back to dry lips.

    This quick and fun mask is easy to use and leaves you with smooth and plump lips of your dreams.

    Includes 1 lip patch. 

    0.28 oz / 8g

    *All single-use masks are final sale. 


    How To:

    Open packaging and carefully remove lip patch. Directly apply patch onto clean lips (you can split the patch in half if you want). Leave on for 10-20 minutes, remove patch, and pat in remaining essence.

    Friendly Berry Berry Lip Patch has a rating of 2.6 stars based on 9 reviews.