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    This eye-brightening tool instantly lets you re-shape the look of your eye to achieve the popular Korean makeup aegyo sal look for a more youthful appearance. This double-ended stick makeup has a contouring pencil on one side to create depth and a highlighter on the other to make eyes bright. Use the fine-tipped shadow pencil beneath eyes to contour and create depth. Formula is creamy for smooth, consistent application. Make the skin beneath the eyes appear more plump and youthful with the pencil's built-in pearlescent highlighter. Formulated with Vitamin E, it moisturizes while adding a soft, lustrous sheen. 

    1.41 oz / 40 g


    "This product might as well be called Aegyo Sal For Dummies because it simplifies the process of picking the right shades, textures, and placement into two easy steps. It contains both a contouring and highlighting shade, designed to accentuate that cute, youthful chubs you’ve been neglecting beneath the lower lash line." - Ariane

    How To:

    Step 1: Gently smile to identify the deepest crease beneath eyes. Lightly trace the contouring pencil here. Blend well.
    Step 2: Create contrast to make your look pop with the highlighter pencil. Still smiling, identify the plumpest skin beneath eyes and smooth pencil over this area. Blend.