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    One of the most innovative moisturizers out of Korea right now: The SU:M37 Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion is fortified with natural, fermented bamboo extract.

    The gel-like texture instantly smoothens into liquid upon application. The lightweight formula means it will be absorbed easily into the skin, leaving behind a refreshed and refortified face and neck.

    The SU:M37 Water-full line is designed to moisturize skin and increase the density of moisture using four key fermented ingredients: Bamboo water contains amino acids that are beneficial to the health of the skin. Red clover flower extract promotes skin vitality. Hibiscus flower extract promotes moisture. Gold-silver flower has a pore minimizing effect.

    Best of all? There are no artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives.

    4.06 oz / 120 ml


    SU:M37 is a luxury beauty brand based in Korea that specializes in naturally fermented skincare. Fermentation is the process in which yeast secretes enzymes that are beneficial for the skin. Amino acids, such as glycine, encourage the production of collagen and increases cell vitality.

    "SU:M" represents the Korean word for respiration and "37" signifies the optimal fermentation temperature. SU:M37 products are also free of fragrances, artificial colors, and synthetic preservatives.

    How To:

    After cleansing, toning and using treatment products, dispense the lotion into the palm of the hand. Smooth or pat over skin, until fully absorbed. Follow with SPF during the day or use it as your last skincare step at night.