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    Beauty Beam Anti-Breakout Blue Tools CELLECT Beauty Beam Anti-Breakout Blue Tools CELLECT Beauty Beam Anti-Breakout Blue Tools CELLECT

    Beauty Beam Anti-Breakout Blue


    Cellect's Anti-Breakout Blue Beauty Beam – the epitome of effortless and effective beauty enhancement, right at your fingertips. Unlock spa-quality results within the sanctuary of your own space with their portable and painless beauty beam device, a solution tailored to acne-prone skin.

    The Optic Window Lens Technology is expertly designed to amplify the capabilities of LED lights. This advanced technology zeroes in on breakouts, rejuvenating your skin while addressing blemishes with precision. The magic lies in their Blue Light Mode, a gentle yet potent approach that delves 0.5mm deep into your skin targeting blemishes and breakouts, and delivering a soothing treatment that leaves no room for discomfort. And that's not all – the Intensive Care Mode harnesses the rejuvenating power of red LED lights, designed to diminish hyperpigmentation and scarring. With each use, you're one step closer to restoring a radiant and even complexion.

    Each package contains an LED Beauty Device, a Drawstring Velvet Pouch, a C-Type Charging Cable, Protective Goggles, and the User Manual.

    15.52 Oz.

    *includes 1 year warranty 

    1. Ensure your device is fully charged.
    2. Apply a tea-tree serum to your skin for optimal results. DO NOT USE WITH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS( i.e. retinol, exfoliants, vitamin c, products containing alcohol)
    3. Uncover the device by removing the plastic cap then press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate it.
    4. Choose the mode that aligns with your skin's needs: Mode 1 for acne-prone areas or Mode 2 to target acne scars. For a concentrated area, limit usage to a maximum of 5 minutes. Use up to 15 minutes per session, ideally 2-3 times weekly.
    5. After usage, turn off the device, wipe and dry the head, followed by securely putting back the plastic cap to ensure proper storage.

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