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The double cleanse - They key to clearer skin and better makeup

What is the double cleanse?

The double cleanse is the cleansing method Korean women use for clear skin. It involves washing your face in two steps, first by using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step draws out oil-based impurities such as sebum, SPF, and pollutants while the second step cleanses water-based debris such as sweat and dirt (Unfortunately cleansing tissues won't do the job well!) Get started on the double cleanse to prevent breakouts and start with a clean canvas for skincare and makeup!

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How to Double Cleanse


Unfortunately many plant-based oils can clog pores! Even though you can use plant-based oils to moisturize your skin, they're not designed to cleanse your face. They do not emulsify and wash off like oil cleansers, which means you'll be left with makeup and impurities sitting on top of your skin! For a proper cleanse, use an oil cleanser, and if you want the moisturizing benefit, look for one infused with plant-based oils.
Absolutely. Even if you don't wear makeup, you need an oil cleanser to melt away sebum, SPF, and pollutants. Water-based cleansers cannot properly remove these impurities, so make sure to use an oil cleanser to start off your routine!
Double cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Double cleansing in the morning will remove any oil and sweat your skin has produced overnight, as well as any remaining products from the night before. Double cleansing in the evening will remove any makeup, SPF, and other impurities your skin has collected throughout the day.
Definitely not. When used properly, an oil cleanser doesn't add more oil to your face. In fact, it washes away the excess oil on your face, keeping your skin clean and helping balance your skin's moisture level. This means your skin is less likely to break out!
Double cleansing is a two-step cleansing method that is popular in Korea. It involves using an oil cleanser to remove any oil-based impurities such as makeup, SPF, sebum and any other impurities your skin has collected throughout the day. This is followed by a water-based cleanser, such as a foaming cleanser, which breaks down water-based impurities like sweat and dirt. Try double cleansing for a week, and you'll be surprised by the difference it makes!
Not at all! Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Once you experience the magic of the double cleanse, you will not want to cleanse your skin any other way.
No. There are so many oil cleansers, and they're made for specific skin types and skin concerns. Make sure you find the one best suited to your skin. We're here to help!
This is purely personal preference, though solid balms are easier to travel with.
Oil cleansers gently remove excess sebum and help balance your skin, preventing excess sebum production. You'll notice that using an oil cleanser makes your face less shiny over time.
Double cleansing in the morning is essential because your skin still produces oil and sweat while you're sleeping. Also, double cleansing removes any of the remaining products you put on the night before. Finally, double cleansing helps prep your skin for your morning skin care routine.
No. Although oil cleansers emulsify when you add water to it, this only means it's easier to wash off. Using a water-based cleanser ensures that you completely remove it from the skin, as well as other water-based impurities. Instead of skipping the water-based cleanser altogether, look for a water-based cleanser that is gentle, has low pH, and won't strip the skin of its natural oils like the Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick!
No. Oil cleansers don’t strip your skin of lipids and ceramides that are essential to keeping your skin balanced and healthy. If you use a water-based cleanser that suits your skin type and needs, it won't strip your skin of moisture, either.
Oil cleansing gently removes any oils and impurities on your face that can potentially clog pores, leading to breakouts. If you frequently deal with acne, double cleansing consistently will make a huge difference.