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Introducing: THE PLANT BASE,

an ampoule for every skin woe.

Amp up your routine with just a drop or two of THE PLANT BASE. Each ampoule is formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients that target various and specific skin concerns. You can use these ampoules in isolation as treatments or mixed in with other skincare products (like your moisturizer). Look for your skin woe(s) below and choose the right ampoule for you.

What are "ampoules"?

Ampoules – aka “serums” – are hyper-targeted treatments. (Step 6 of 10 in the K–Beauty 10–Step)

Recommended for:

All skin types and concerns – each ampoule tackles a specific skin concern!

Why we love THE PLANT BASE ampoules:

  • ♡ Lightweight
  • ♡ Hyper–targeted
  • ♡ Looks great in shelfies
  • ♡ Easy to use; in isolation or mixed in with other skin products

Ampoules for Every Skin Woe