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    Relax your skin and your mind with this soothing vegan sheet mask.

    The formula, made with 100% vegan and 17 EWG grade-one ingredients that offer direct benefits to skin, reenforces and strengthens the skin barrier after being compromised due to external stresses like pollution and UV rays.

    An ingredient highlight is cypress tree oil, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, an astringent, and has a stress-relieving scent. Other therapeutic ingredients include calendula extract and allantoin. Hyaluronic acid and avocado extract offer moisturizing benefits.

    Safe for sensitive skin types, the formula is free of potential irritants like parabens, pigment, artificial fragrance, and alcohol. The sheet itself is made of 100% natural cotton and is eco-friendly. This set includes 5 single sheet masks. 

     25 ml 0.84 fl.oz x 5 each 

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    How To:

    After cleansing, apply the mask onto your face and leave on for 17 minutes. Remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence.