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YOUR PICK: Avocado Leave-In Fluid By Skinfood

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho




My hair stylist obviously worked a miracle, but my hair was damaged.

So, sad story. I had a really, really bad ombre a few months ago, and I had to get it re-dyed. Multiple dyes can really damage your hair and as you can imagine after two coloring sessions my highlights lookedgreat but my hair felt like hay…

 When Charlene wrote about the Skinfood Avocado Leave-in Conditioner in the Beauty Chat, I was intrigued. She said: "SokoGlam!! I loooove, love, love my skinfood avocado leave in fluid. It is seriously the best thing on earth. It smells delicious and I swear it makes my hair grow longer, faster and also prevents it from falling out during the season changes. You have to try it!!"


Skinfood Avocado Leave-in Fluid $10

Her enthusiasm for this product got me excited too - this was obviously a product she is obsessed about since it has done wonders for her! Although I was definitely skeptical a leave-in conditioner could really help hair from falling out during season changes as she mentioned, I really needed a product that could get my hair looking and feeling healthy again!

For the Avocado Leave-in Fluid, you pump twice and tousle into wet hair. You don't rinse it out. I've only tested this product for a few weeks, but I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair. The avocado extracts somehow keep my hair strands softer/silkier than I ever remember it being. The scent is really nice and long lasting, even more than my beloved Shiseido Tsubaki conditioner (crazy!). A bonus is that the fluid didn't leave behind a waxy or sticky feeling in my hair or hands after application. I haven't used it long enough to see if it really promotes faster hair growth but I'll be looking out for that!

Now that it is officially part of the Soko Glam curation, I will be sending Charlene a complimentary bottle of the leave-in fluid for sharing her K-beauty knowledge with us. Your pick can be a part of the Soko Glam curation too, so be sure to let me know about your favorites!

Charlene, please send us your mailing address to and we will take care of the rest.

<3 charlotte

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