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February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

It Radiant Melting Foundation


Well, its been swell getting to know you Banila Co! After falling in love with their cleansing balm I wasted no time snapping up a few of their other goodies. And woo! I was successful in finding another gem from this brand that is not only unique, but I like it so much, I've been reaching for it more than my IOPE cushion compact.


Well, hello there.


I didn't expect to like this product because it has the most bizarro name—melting foundation. It sounds like it is designed to make your makeup melt right off (which is definitely not what I want). But Korean names and wording have the tendency to be funky, so I decided to have an open mind and gave it a chance– and I'm glad I did.

Here's what I loved about it:

Packaging: Sturdy redesigned packaging, that looks sleek and contemporary.

What it does: It's a CC cream in a semi-solid formula, with compact packaging.

So what's a CC cream again? Here's a quick refresher.

What do legit Korean brand CC creams do? It depends on the brand. But most Korean CC creams prime, brighten, hydrate and protect (this one has SPF32/PA++) while giving you amazingly natural coverage. 

How do CC differ from BB creams? Korean BB creams also prime, brighten, hydrate, protect and give natural coverage but CC creams were made to create an even more natural look because it has a lighter consistency.

Cool factor: Although it looks like a cushion compact, once you open it and remove the covering, you will see it's actually a solid yet creamy CC foundation in a circular pot.


A light touch.

When you lightly touch the foundation, it's semi-solid. But once you apply real pressure, your finger sinks into the velvety formula. It almost feels like its melting (hence the name, melting foundation).


The more pressure you apply, the creamier!

This consistency allows the puff to pick up the formula easily but it stays solid if you're not applying pressure to it. The formula blends quickly, like a creamy BB cream would, and then amazingly... it finishes off silky and matte.



Who it's for: I'd recommend this product for normal, combination and oily skin types (or anyone that prefers a matte finish) because it is more matte compared to the dewy finish of the IOPE cushion compact. Also, for those that need more coverage, this not only offers more, it still manages to create a radiant, soft glow.

Tip: Lightly tap the sponge over the formula to pick up an even layer. Resist the urge to dig into the formula! You want it to go over your skin evenly. Also, this product layers really well so I recommend going over your face once, then again if you want more coverage.


I have yellow undertones so I match the Honey Beige, BE20.


The left side of my face doesn't have the melting foundation.
The right side does–so it evens out my tone, covers my pores and blotchy areas. Evening out my skin tone makes all the difference, I look brighter and more alive!
Can you see the subtle, natural difference?


I can actually go for the light beige if I wanted to. The colors are so sheer, it blends easily and can be manipulated with a bit of bronzer or highlighter. If you're C23 or N23 in IOPE, I'd go for the BE20. If you're C21 or N21 in IOPE, I'd go for the BE10. If you have pink undertones, I'd go for the BP15.


I know, I know! I wish I had the power to get them to make darker shades!


Not many people know this but Banila Co actually was the first company to formulate the CC cream and it was such a hit... and well, you know, the rest is history.


Has anyone tried the Banila Co Melting Foundation and did you like it? Is there a similar product to this that you recommend?



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