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Links We Love: The Most Expensive Sheet Mask EVER

November 20, 2015 THE KLOG

The Most Expensive Sheet Masks EVER

One of the draws of sheet masks, other than the promise of beautiful glowing skin is that a) they look terrifyingly hilarious, and b) they’re so cheap you can pick up a few, try them out (with high quality treatments, no less!) and toss without breaking the bank. Usually.

Leave it to couture house, Givenchy, to make the most expensive sheet mask! Good skin care IS a luxury, but this is luxury squared to the most indulgent degree that we’ve seen. But it’s also the most beautiful sheet mask we’ve seen, so win-win? At $330 for a pack of 4 sheet masks, that boils down to be about $83 per mask. Now that’s fancy.


Heart Bangs

Maybe you’ve caught on to the heart hand-gesture (it’s basically pinching your thumb and forefinger together like you’re snapping to make a little heart) for cute photo opps, but for the heart-obsessed, why stop there? This Buzzfeed article has adorable evidence of the “heart-shaped bangs” micro-trend that’s apparently thanks to Korean style. Technically, the hearts are upside down, but as weird and kooky as heart bangs sound, we’ve got to say... this is actually pretty cute!


Just Because You Have A Hangover Doesn't Mean You Can't Look Cute (and vice versa)

Being seen with a hangover usually involves large sunglasses and a topknot (and maybe earmuffs if you’re extra sensitive). Rarely does anybody look stylish with that morning-after grogginess and splitting migraine. Well, we can’t really do much about your aches, but another Korean beauty micro-trend at least has your cuteness covered with “hangover beauty” (just search the hashtag on Instagram—it’s adorable). Most of the look relies on Aeygo-sal, the little puffy under-eye skin that gives you a youthful “smiling eyes” look. Some blush right on top of the apples of your cheeks also gives you a bit of a flushed look. The good news is you can probably leave those inevitable mascara smudges alone, since you’re supposed to look hungover, right?


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