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K-Beauty Head to Toe

    Sometimes we’re so focused on skincare, we forget to pay attention to all the other parts. So we’re taking a break from the face and exploring other parts of our beautiful bodies—head to toe!


    Korean hair products are the next big thing. They use a lot of the same ingredients Korean skin care products use for your face to treat your hair with the same love and care that you give your face. Considering the entire hair journey from scalp to split ends, here are our picks for that healthy k-hair:


    We need to talk about bacne. Bacne is very similar to facial acne in its causes: hormones, excess sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. But considering that some body care products can clog your pores, and sweaty tight clothing can aggravate acne, chances are the risks of having bacne may be slightly higher, especially if you work out. Our picks to treat bacne once:


    There’s probably no other body part that needs to be exfoliated as much as your feet. Think about it… if it’s not open toe season, chances are your feet are trapped in your shoes and being stood on all day. Not only do your feet need to breathe occasionally, they need a deep exfoliation from time to time.
    And we have just the thing for that: