The Korean skin care industry is often considered being a decade ahead of the Western market—innovating daily with new products and techniques. Charlotte keeps equal footing between Soko Glam HQ and Seoul as our co-founder and esthetician, to bring you all that info in real time. At Soko Glam, we stick by the Korean "skin-first" philosophy— instead of covering up skin issues with makeup, it's best to discover the root of the condition and treat problems before they start.


So you're excited about K-beauty but not sure where to start? Not to worry, everything you find here has been tested and hand-selected by Charlotte and the Soko Glam team. We’re only interested in the highest quality of Korean beauty whether it’s trending or not, so you can trust that any product Soko Glam offers is something that’s done time in our medicine cabinets and is probably still decorating our desks.


We love engaging with our community to share all things Korean beauty whether it be on The KLOG, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! After all, Soko Glam is here to demystify Korean beauty, help you take control of your skin, and have fun in the process! As the authority of Korean beauty and skin care there is no question we can’t tackle. Let us be your guide to the most clear and radiant skin of your life.



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