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THE REVIEW: Skin Plus Beblesh Balm By Skin79

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Super Plus Beblesh Balm


I'm excited to start off 2014 right, with a review of the ultra-famous Skin79 Beblesh Balm. Also, see below for details on our very first giveaway this year!

For all the BB cream newbies out there - BB typically stands for blemish balm or beauty balms. I've also heard of it referred to it as a blemish base. It is an all-in-one formula that is a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. Depending on the brand, it can contain brightening and anti-aging agents as well. You can wear it alone as a tinted moisturizer (which I do most of the time), or over your daily skincare regimen like a foundation. It's up to you to put on powder over the BB, although I prefer the dewy look of BB cream alone.

For this particular cream, the BB stands for "Beblesh Balm." No, "beblesh" is not a typo. Apparently the word "blemish" is trademarked in Korea, so Skin79 just decided to make up… their… own name. Ha! Genius!

Side note: To me, the decision to go and make their own word out of the blue is very Korean! I don't know who are the copywriters for Korean makeup (or everything written in English for that matter) but they are all so good at making catchy and creative names. For example Color My Brows or the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk from Etude House. Or even K-pop groups such as Crayon Pop, Girls' Generation and T-ara. It sounds like crazy talk for the first 24 hours... and then it just sticks! Am I the only one who feels this way?!

I decided to test the Super Plus Beblesh Balm because frankly, there wasn't a single person who didn't recommend it. It's one of the "original" Korean BB creams that through word-of-mouth (and very little marketing) it became one of the fastest selling BB creams, one selling every 10 seconds!

Creamy and moisturizing Skin79 Super Plus Blebesh Balm

To me, the product is perfect for the winter because of the creamy consistency and it's super moisturizing. It's not too thick so that it feels heavy after application, in fact it is unbelievably lightweight. Super Plus only comes with one tone, which I think can fit anyone with ivory fair to caramel tan skin tones. The coverage is incredibly sheer and naturally matches your skin tone after oxidizing. SO COOL.


Thirty minutes after application of Skin79 Super Plus BB!

As you can see this BB cream did an amazing job of giving me that flawless natural look. It minimized lines and my dark circles and got rid of the red blotchiness around my nose. Despite all that coverage, it is sheer enough so that my little mole on my cheek is still visible. Love that!

Keep in mind that the Super Plus has brightening and anti-aging agents. It's a great feeling knowing that something that provides such flawless coverage actually helps with brighter and younger looking skin in the long run. AND of course it comes with SPF 25/PA++. (Remember, no matter how cloudy or dead of winter it is - you still need SPF protection if you're planning to go outside!). I wish the SPF was a little longer lasting as I am a little obsessed about sunscreen. But it's an easy fix, since I do all my touch-ups with my IOPE Air Cushion throughout the day for extra sun protection.

I can see why people rave about this product which is why I am planning to make this a permanent addition to Soko Glam. I'm looking forward to exploring more Skin79 BB creams and their skincare line. They produced a new line with darker shades which I am keen on curating soon - stay tuned!

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