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IRL: Victoria Barton Rosenthal -- SU:M37° Rose Cleansing Stick

February 05, 2021 THE KLOG


I have a confession to make…  I am officially addicted to K-Beauty!  My skin had been looking a little dull, and so I decided to give the ten-step skincare regime I’d been hearing so much about a try.  And I am so pleased that I did.  My skin is glowing with a capital G.  Some of the girls at ballet even complimented me on my skin and asked what BB cream I was using, and were amazed when I told them that I was bare-faced.

All of the products I’ve tried have been great, but let me tell you, I reckon double cleansing makes such a huge difference in making sure skin is smooth, soft and clear.
After removing my eye and lip make-up, I start my double cleanse by using the Banila Co. Clean It Zero oil based cleanser, which feels so luxurious on my skin.  I massage it into my skin for 4 minutes, rinse off and then move on to my favorite cleanser – the Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick by SU:M37.  This cleanser is absolutely gorgeous.  The packaging is a beautifully pale pink and looks fab on my vanity, the scent is like walking into a rose garden, it lathers wonderfully and feels gentle on my skin.  I apply it onto damp skin by swirling the stick in circular motions on my forehead, cheeks, chin and tip of my nose, massage it into my face with wet hands, and as if by magic, it starts to develop into a rich rose-scented lather.  After a minute or two of massaging, I make sure I thoroughly rinse off any residue before patting dry.  My skin is left feeling so silky soft; it’s hard to stop touching it!

Another great thing about the Miracle Rose Cleansing stick it that unlike other cleansers, its solid, which means you can pop it in your hand luggage when you go off on your travels.  Practical and pretty.

I’d definitely recommend you give it a try and pamper yourself.  Maybe you’ll even get hooked like I did.

Victoria Barton on the SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick


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