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REVIEW: Air Cushion Compact By IOPE

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

IOPE Air Cushion Compact
BB Cream 2.0


The IOPE air cushion compact will change your life.

I say this because, well the first time I tried this - it was like *poof* mind blown. If you've never tried any Korean beauty products, this is the one you need to try. As a guest contributor to Into the Gloss last month, I even chose this product as one of the five things you will find in every girl's makeup bag in Seoul. And without a doubt, this is BB cream 2.0., soon to be a staple product for every international cosmetic company - if they can bypass all the patents, that is.


What it is. A unique formula-soaked sponge that has all the benefits of a BB cream (anti-aging, moisturizing, skin-evening coverage and SPF protection). It comes with an equally innovative non-absorbing puff that wicks the formula off of the sponge and effortlessly applies evenly onto your face, for that dewy no-makeup, makeup look.

Can be reapplied. Traditional BB creams are designed to be applied once a day. The air cushion, on the other hand, can be reapplied for touch-ups throughout the day (think of it as a wet compact). This is beneficial because as all dermatologists recommend, you need to reapply SPF to get the protection you need as it wears away with time and sweat. That being said...

Ultra sun protection. SPF 50+/PA+++ to be exact. Ah-mazing!

Cooling. Your skin is instantly soothed and cooled upon application. Feels great, especially in the summer.

Hydrating. You know that dewy, flawless finish that all Korean actresses seem to have? Well, pfft - I think we're ALL in on their little secret.

For sensitive/irritable skin. Read the reviews from our very own customers who have tried this product. They have stated that they have very sensitive skin and reviewed that the formula worked beautifully with their skin.


Pat lightly when applying. Jun Ji Hyun as Cheong Song Yi in Love From Another Star, using the cushion compact and getting a flawless finish.

Price point. $45 for a beautifully designed compact AND an extra refill - you simply can't get any better than that. You'll be cruising for the next 6 months without having to repurchase (I know because I use it daily and the product lasts at least 6 months).

Tip: You think the sponge is dried out and ready to be replaced? Just flip the sponge and find a moist and product-soaked sponge.


All this, for only $45?

So with the IOPE air cushion compact selling every 30 seconds in Asia - will the traditional BB cream eventually become obselete? Of course not. There is a time for BB cream (more coverage) and a time for foundation (even more coverage). I typically use BB cream when I want to be more done-up and have more time - I use the IOPE cushion for that daily basic coverage. For all you mothers out there that just don't have a minute to yourselves in the morning, it's the all-in-one that gives you a flawless finish in seconds.

Swatches. A lot of people have asked me about what color is right for their skin tone. Here is a general guideline of the colors.


Things to keep in mind: 

The lower the number, the lighter the color.

Tones starting with the "N" has a more natural finish.

Tones starting with a "C" has more coverage.

Tones starting with a "S" has a slight shimmery finish


As you can see, there are very subtle differences.

Believe it or not, you really can't go wrong with the tones because the product is so sheer and very blendable with many skin tones from light peach all the way to medium olive.

I have to emphasize that this product is not for someone that is looking for major coverage. You will be disappointed if you are the type of person who likes the super done-up look. Think of this as your go-to daily, tinted moisturizer type of look.

Don't think these tones match you? Check out AmorePacific's cc line - they have a very similar line available with a larger spectrum tones since they now cater to the international market. It's a little bit pricier than the IOPE brand but a small price to pay to get access to this amazing product. (They are sister company's so I imagine the formula isn't that different!)


Skin-evening, natural coverage. I can actually wear all tones, depending on if I'm trying to look lighter, more shimmery or natural. My go-to tone is N23.


Would love to hear your thoughts about the IOPE air cushion compact. What do you like about it? How do you wear it? Share your opinions with each other and discuss!


And as I always like to note, I am not paid to market any of these products. I independently test these products so that I can offer an unbiased selection of the best, most innovative Korean cosmetics. I only carry what I love.

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