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THE BRAND: Sheet Masks By Manefit

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho
Sheet Masks by Manefit

My idea of a perfect night in involves these essentials: a minty candle, a good book/trashy tabloid and a sheet mask. If I really want to get fancy, I'll add a bottle of prosecco into the mix.

I'm big on sheet masks because it is so effective while being affordable. For years my mom said that keeping your skin constantly moisturized plays a huge role in keeping wrinkles away and masks are a great way to intensely hydrate. Have you ever looked in the mirror after peeling the sheet mask away? Try it - you'll notice that your skin will look brighter and even a little bit more supple than it did before. This immediate effect is what I look forward to when I try on these sheet mask treatments.

I wanted to share with you why one of my favorite sheet masks come from the brand Manefit.

I stumbled upon this brand while doing some research last year. I found out while Manefit is relatively unknown in Korea - it was a brand created by the manufacturer who produces a large percentage of sheet masks in Korea for brands such as Innisfree and AmorePacific. And to top it off, Manefit owns the top patents for the leading hydrogel and microfiber sheet masks in the world. So they're basically sheet mask experts!

This was all very intriguing and valuable to me, because I love curating products to Soko Glam that are unique and are in a sense, trade beauty secrets. I consider Manefit a true gem for those who want to go straight to the source for a high quality sheet mask, and want to avoid the luxury brand mark ups. For these reasons, I consider it one of my favorite items on the site and have referenced it in many of my "top" lists on The Zoe Report and Teen Vogue.

xx charlotte


Manefit's Bling Bling line ($6). The name is a bit cheesy, but in a cute Korean way. They've got four different types of masks in this line: collagen, brightening, rose and gold. 


The hydrogel mask is cut into two for a better fit. Here is the top half. FYI hydrogel masks are more expensive because the entire mask is 100% made out of essence. This means it is soluble!


The bottom half. Have a hand towel handy when opening the pouches up, the masks are drenched in valuable essences.


Say hello to our intern, Angie! The hydrogel feels very cool and soothing - almost like a sheet of jello. As it rests on your face for about 30 minutes, your face is forced to absorb all the nutrients and essences. Because the mask is soluble, you'll notice after application that the mask has gotten thinner. 


Since I've been really impressed by their Bling Bling line, I'm now in the process of testing the Manefit Beauty Planner line, which are masks that are made out of microfiber and drenched in a variety of essences.


Don't forget to peel off the plastic backing.


Like most microfiber masks, this mask is one solid sheet with cutouts for your nose, eyes and mouth.The microfiber sheet acts like a layer that locks in the moisture so that it doesn't evaporate.

Looks a little Hannibal Lecter-ish, but can't wait to get this juicy goodness on my face. I'm testing the one that is made out of lavender, which is known to increase moisture retention and help nourish skin cells.

So here is the exciting part! We're all about having you join our discovery process because your opinions are what make the curation fun! That's why we want you to help us decide whether Manefit’s Beauty Planner line should be added to our curated selection of K-beauty products!

Starting from April 4th, 2014, all Soko Glam orders over $30 will receive two Manefit sheet masks from their Beauty Planner line, until supplies last. If you receive one and get to test it out, please share your thoughts about the Manefit Beauty Planner micro fiber sheet masks below!

Can't wait to hear what you think!

xo charlotte

 ** Update ** All the Manefit Beauty Planner Samples are out! If you were one of the lucky ones, don't forget to give us your feedback by commenting below.


** 2nd Update ** Thank you so much for being part of the curation process! Based on your reviews, we have curated the Beauty Planner in Cucumber and Honey! Shop the Beauty Planner here.

And as I always like to note, I am not paid to market any of these products. I independently test these products so that I can offer an unbiased selection of the best, most innovative Korean cosmetics. I only carry what I love.

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