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THE REVIEW: Smile Foot Peeling By The Faceshop

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho



Smile Foot Peeling
The Faceshop




Hello, world. These are my (disgusting) feet.

Despite having spent the entire winter season in New York in thick socks and boots, I still have nasty callouses around my big toe and dry patches all over.

Sad (and embarrassed) to say, I think my calluses are a consequence of last year's summer living in sandals. 

Flash forward to my recent trip to Seoul scouting for the next big beauty thing: I stumbled across The Faceshop's Smile Foot Peeling package ($9).

Although I normally search for beauty products that fall into either makeup or skincare categories my interest were piqued by the curious claims on the product packaging: The Faceshop's Smile Foot Peeling package promises to peel away any calluses and layers of dead skin cells—oddly five whole days after you use the product! It was something that I definitely haven't seen stateside and thought it would be fun to try out—that is, if you're into weird beauty discoveries like I am. 



What it is: A foot skin peeling liquid solution that gently removes layers of calluses on your feet. They also include a pair of “foot sheets,” AKA plastic pouches shaped like socks.


Plastic foot socks! With little cute ties!

Ingredients: Made mainly out of natural plant and fruit extracts, the product is effective yet gentle on your skin. It doesn't have a pleasant scent, but it also wasn't terrible either. 

How to: Pull on the “foot sheets” as if you were wearing gigantic socks and pour the solution into the foot sheets (inside the cloth layer). Let your feet absorb the product for 60 to 90 minutes. Try not to walk around with the foot socks because they aren't totally spill-proof. Lastly, remove the foot sheets and wash your feet thoroughly with water. After approximately five days, the skin on your feet will start peeling—and, yes, it is gloriously disgusting as it is awesome. 

The things I do for smooth soles.





The peeling begins!

Around the fifth day, they started peeling (and naturally I decided to document my progress on Instagram).
Now I know how it feels like to be a snake. Don't forcefully peel your skin—let it do its thing!


Before and after shot of my foot.

The photo on the top was taken right before using the foot peel. 
The photo on the bottom is my foot after the eighth day and when the shedding is almost complete (you can still see a little bit of shedding still happening on the arch of my foot). The formula did a great job of getting rid of the majority of my calluses and dead skin cells. If I had to be nit-picky, there was an area around my big toe that had a particularly rough callus that didn't completely go away but it did dramatically improve it. My foot looks and feels softer to the touch and I'm finally ready for sandal weather! 

And if you don't have patience for a five day waiting period and get queasy at the thought of skin shedding for several days? This product probably isn't for you. If you're down to try a foot peeling solution that is pretty unique and works, this is a product I definitely recommend!


Editor's Note: After I decided to curate it, I found out that this product is not particularly unique to Korea after I discovered the brand Baby Foot. I'm not sure if Baby Foot is actually a Korean company that uses the same formula and has just rebranded the product for the US market, but I am still excited to add this to Soko Glam's summer curation because of The Faceshop's $9 price point vs. Baby Foot's $25.

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