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THE REVIEW: Magic Any Cushion By Etude House

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Magic Any Cushion
Etude House

By now, you should know that the Korean skincare regimen is unique because they love to layer their skincare products. And for those who are determined to achieve that same luminous glow - the layering doesn't end there! They continue to layer their makeup products to achieve that dewy porcelain finish and it all starts with a proper Korean primer.

In Korea, primers are often called "base." A base is similar to a primer in that it sets the canvas for foundation/BB cream by diminishing redness and blotchiness (for me, I am super blotchy around the nose). Also it fills out your bumps and wrinkles to create a smooth finish. I've noticed that Korean bases are noticeably more moisturizing versus an American brand primer and something about Korean formulas give you an instant bright finish.

Soko Glam's pick! The Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion $30 

When I found out Etude House put their famous base line in cushion compact packaging - I was pretty convinced it would be part of the Soko Glam curation. It has the same technology behind our favorite cushion compact products (IOPE Air Cushion, Etude House Any Cushion) which means the innovative non-absorbing puff is dabbed into the product-soaked sponge and applied effortlessly on the skin to get a very sheer layer.



In Mint and Pink.

The Magic Any Cushion comes in two colors, Mint and Pink, for two different skin types. The Mint Cushion is for those who want to diminish the appearance of redness and blotchiness, and the Pink Cushion does a good job lightening dark circles while adding a little bit of glow to an otherwise pale complexion. Both do an excellent job of locking in moisture. 


Finger swatch. Don't worry, you won't end up with a green or pink face - the formula is colorless and sets naturally on your skin, you just need to blend!

Of course we can expect that the formula includes brightening, anti-aging, and UV protection (SPF34/PA++). In other words, you are getting skincare in a compact.


TEST! We applied a thin layer of the Mint product on a red and blotchy cheek.





A lot of the redness has diminished, the bumps are less visible and the cheek looks bright and dewy. We are now ready for the next step: BB cream or foundation!


For those base newbies out there, please remember that the purpose of a base is to minimize uneven skin tone and to create a smooth canvas for the next step, which is BB cream or foundation. If you are looking for less hassle and don't care about priming, I recommend going straight to a BB cream or foundation. If you are looking for coverage, this product alone is not going to help you achieve that - you must go to a BB cream or foundation. Finally, if you have pretty naturally awesome skin - you might prefer this product over the other cushion compacts because it is sheerer and lighter than the other cushion compacts with BB cream/foundation formula in it! 


What are your thoughts on using base before BB cream? Do you use primers? Are they effective? Would love to hear your comments below!

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