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February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho



As much as I go on and on about Korean dramas, I have two disclaimers: I think a lot of Korean dramas are super cheesy—like, cringe-worthy-I-hope-no-one-catches-me-watching-this-cheesy. In fact, I gave up on K-dramas for a good five years until I stumbled upon some true gems (i.e. Reply 1997, Reply 1994, Love from Another Star, etc.), which got me into them again.

And the truth is, I happen to have an even unhealthier obsession with Korean talk and game shows. If I had to pick my top three, they would be:



1. Running Man

A random group of celebrities play hide-and-go-seek while completing missions. The interactions between the team members are priceless. Since some of the celebrities are actually famous comedians, the end result is a lot of slapstick humor and general goofiness (like running around wearing kangaroo suits).







2. We Got Married

A reality show that documents a celebrity couple that are, uh, "fake married." It's usually a pair who you would never imagine getting together or a couple that everyone wishes would get married in real life. They go on fun dates and also do mundane married people stuff. I am
thoroughly (and easily?) entertained.








3. Get it Beauty

Saved the best for last! Get it Beauty is the wildly popular and successful CJ E&M cable show fully dedicated to discussing Korean beauty tips and trends. They spotlight different makeup and skincare gurus and share their various how-tos. I learn so much from every single episode. I'm stoked when they bring on special guests from K-pop groups like T-ara and IU—and, yes, I'm 29 years old. 


Former Get it Beauty host Eugene




New Get it Beauty hosts Yoo In Na and Jae Kyung.


The show first started out in 2010 with the host Eugene (S.E.S fans, hollerRr!) but this year she stepped down to focus more on her acting career. Celebrities Yoo In Na and Jae Kyung have since become the new hosts! It was definitely the end of an era when Eugene left, but I'm just glad the show will go on and the new girls are doing fabulously!



 2014 Get it Beauty with hosts Yoo In Na and Jae Kyung




I die for Get it Beauty "Self" segments. I wish I looked this cute when doing the double cleanse!



 Blind Test - Pink Lipsticks



Get it Beauty sets themselves apart because of their blind tests. They bring out various skincare and makeup products from different international brands with varying price points (e.g., $60 Chanel lipsticks versus $8 Etude House lipsticks). The audience gets the chance to test and rank the products and at the end of the show, they announce how each product did. I was so intrigued by these blind tests because so many inexpensive (meaning, less luxury brands) options were highly ranked, and you know I'm all about them dupes! I have tested a lot of these personally, and many have made the Soko Glam curation.

I feel like we'd all benefit if someone out there made a similar talk show in the U.S. What do you guys think?


You can watch Running Man, We got Married for free and with english subtitles on Dramafever. 
You can watch episodes of Get it Beauty on their official site here!

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