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THE REVIEW: Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation Stick: Essence core in the center, brush on one end, and foundation at the other make for really convenient makeup on the go.  

Foundation sticks! Chances are you’ve tried them because they have been around forever. Although it seems like many brands have created their own type of foundation stick, the most iconic is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick.

I personally have used more concealer sticks than I have foundation sticks, so to me, using the Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation in stick form as part of my daily makeup routine was new and unexplored territory. (BTW, if you're just tuning in, check out the Son & Park brand here.)

Here’s how I use the Son and Park Glow Ring Foundation...

After my skin care routine, I pop off the cap that contains the foundation. Then I twist the stick to reveal a few centimeters of the product. I directly apply, or mark, areas on my face that need coverage, such as the area around my nose, where it tends to be red, and under my eyes, where it tends to be darker. If I need it, the cheeks, chin and forehead follow.

Now that I’m marked up with my “war paint,” I need to blend. This is the part that makes the Glow Ring so unique. If you open the other side of the stick, you will see a soft, flat bristled brush. You use this brush to even out or “buff” out the foundation on your face.

I have to admit that at first glance, I was not wowed by the fact that the Glow Ring came with a brush. Why? I totally expected it! I think I have become very spoiled by Korean cosmetic companies after all these years and expect many two-in-one options in products.

But after some research, I saw that most foundation sticks by Western brands don’t come with a brush (they expect you to use your own separate foundation brush or fingers) I realized how handy this product is and how reasonable the price point is. Anytime you can make beauty products more efficient and useful, the better!


The coverage is insanely lightweight, and looks completely natural. The coverage is opaque and does not feel cakey at all, yet it covers my bumps and discolorations well. It also leaves my skin feeling very moisturized, similar to how most compact cushions leave my skin.

The Glow Ring offers a more matte finish than most cushion compacts, which have a softer, dewier look. For you oily skin types, this is good news for you! The formula also absorbs excess oil, so you don’t have to worry about having a greasy shine.

One of the coolest features of this makeup product is the essence core. Thanks to the caprylic acid, you will get you a boost of hydration, along with anti-aging benefits (tocopheryl acetate, aka Vitamin E). 

This is a Korean brand, so of course it has to have essence! Clearly another sign I have been spoiled by Korean cosmetic companies and now expect essence to be in everything...

The down side is: the limited color choices. Unfortunately this product only comes with two shades, #23 Natural and #21 Light. I use #23 Natural, but I have lately been experimenting with both tones for a contouring effect. I use #21 Light for the bridge of my nose, underneath my eyes, cheekbones and brow bone. I use the #23 Natural for the rest! This is a tip I actually picked up from K-style host and model, Irene Kim!

All in all, I have to say, this foundation stick has quickly replaced my usual cushion compact and that’s why I curated it to Soko Glam. I look forward to using it daily, especially as we get into fall and winter and I need a little bit more coverage to cover my red splotchy nose!

What do you think about foundation sticks? What’s your go-to foundation? BB cream, cushion compacts or foundation sticks? Share in comments below!

xx charlotte

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