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TRAVEL DIARY: Thunder Bomb at Remicone

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Finding the hippest beauty trends keeps me pretty busy, but I also make time to find the hippest food. Hey, they say you make time for stuff that's important to you, and dessert happens to be one of those things for me.

Last time I was here in Seoul it was milk-flavored soft serve with honeycomb in it from a place called Softree. It was sweet and creamy as ice cream should be, but this weekend I found a dessert with a very different take on this classic. Let me introduce you to the Thunder Bomb from Remicone.



Remicone is an ice cream parlor that looks like a laboratory on wheels. If you guys have seen "Despicable Me," the interior kind of looks like a friendlier version of Gru's secret lab, minus Minions.



They're famous for all their bizarre ice cream/dessert concoctions. I can just imagine the people making up the recipes for them, looking like made scientists in lab coats mixing and shaking things up. Containers for their treats resemble lab equipment, like beakers and thermometers, good for experimenting with items like the Thunder Bomb.



The Thunder Bomb is simple vanilla soft serve with a fluffy cotton candy top and little candy lightning bolt. It didn't really taste phenomenal (I still prefer Softree's creamy soft serve and the sweet honeycomb), but it sure was fun to eat. Next time, I'll try their salted caramel flavor with French crepe wafer topping. Might not be as photogenic as the Thunder Bomb but I've heard good things!



Eat there...
There are several locations throughout Seoul, but here are directions to the one in Garosugil, where I went: Take Seoul Subway line 3 to Sinsa station. Get out at Exit 8 and walk straight until you get to It's Skin, then make a left. Keep walking straight along that road until you reach the Fossil store. Cross the street and go into the alley in between. Make a left at the five-way intersection and walk a little more. You'll see the store on your left. Hours are Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Enjoy!


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