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Korean Beauty Vloggers We Love Watching

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Much of our beauty know-how comes from the pros and research—there’s nothing more fascinating than learning the science behind our favorite beauty products, frankly. But what about technique and practice? There may be no amount of scientists who can tell you the best ways to apply concealer or how to get your hands steady enough to make an even and symmetrical cat-eye. For that, we consult YouTube where a plethora of vloggers are sharing every technique, practice and opinions on pretty much any beauty products you can think of. When it comes to K-Beauty, there’s no loss for material either. Here are some amazing Korean beauty vloggers that if you haven’t tuned into, you definitely should.


It’s hard to describe what Ssin actually looks like because all of her videos are complete and utter transformations. Seriously, she’s a master of disguise, transforming herself into nearly every K-pop star and celebrity. Not just over-the-top transformations, Ssin also shares her makeup skills in really helpful videos that show you the best ways to apply mascara to short lashes or a few foundation application techniques.

Sunny’s Channel

One of the first things you’ll notice about Sunny is that she is adorable. It’s kind of her thing. All of her videos feature tons of different makeup looks, how-tos, and like many vloggers, some responses to fans. What we love about her is that whatever she does, she does with her own style and sense of humor. Even if it’s a transformation tutorial, it’s very much so Sunny’s take on it. Also, she has the coolest hair. You’ll see it’s changed through the span of her videos from a brunette to a honey blonde and a coral (there’s even a tutorial on that, natch). If you happened to attend K-Con, you may have even seen her there, doing panel discussions and meet-and-greets.

The Beauty Breakdown

Morgan is your go-to girl for Korean skin care and makeup on YouTube. Not only that, but we love how she’s pretty much like the cool girl next door who just happens to be really good at beauty stuff and is gorgeous to boot, showing us how to wear the hell out of any look. A lot of her tutorials are pretty accessible—things we’d want to wear every day as opposed to the costume-like transformations. She also offers some really good tips on where to find Korean cosmetics, with plenty of product-reviews and demos.


You can’t really have a Korean Beauty Vlogger round-up without Pony. She’s pretty much a YouTube celeb, using her makeup artist skills to create video tutorials of all kinds of wearable looks from sweet natural beauty looks to wild technicolor tutorials. She even recently launched her own makeup line. Her fearless approach to beauty and flawless execution (not to mention really cool pink hair) have gained her a huge following as she travels the world, but we’re mostly just trying to keep up with each video.


If you’re a K-beauty beginner, come and let jungsaemmool hold your hand through it. She’s a bit like the Lisa Eldridge equivalent of Korean beauty vloggers, with easy to follow beauty tutorials, from anything super simple like how to apply a dark lipstick or define your brows, to more complex stuff like a contouring tutorial. As a professional makeup artist, Jungsaemmool uses her skills to show us less makeup-inclined how to pretty much do anything.

Clothes Encounters

Jenn Im may be your lifestyle and fashion guru of YouTube, but her beauty videos are not to be missed! After all, we really can't help but admire her on-point makeup and hair game in all her fashion videos, so naturally (and with MUCH demand from her fans, we're sure) Jenn spills her beauty secrets in a handful of super helpful tutorials all geared around how she does her own makeup, from everyday natural looks to glam stunners. 

Who are your favorite beauty YouTubers to watch?

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