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Links We Love: Kim Kardashian's K-Beauty Staple

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Kim Kardashian’s K-Beauty Obsession

Image: Instagram @kimkardashian

Leave it to Kim K to buy into K-Beauty obviously (the moniker is on-brand for the Kardashians, after all). The reality star and beauty mogul is apparently a religious subscriber to the Korean body scrub, especially before getting a spray tan. It makes sense, since you’re supposed to exfoliate before spray-tanning anyway, so you may as well get the best all-over exfoliation you can with this Jjimjilbang spa staple. Kim even brought little sis, Kylie Jenner, to her Korean spa once but apparently it wasn’t Kylie’s thing, saying, “I went, and everyone was ass naked! It was so uncomfortable. Kim was like, ‘You need to do it every week!’ She swears by it. But I don’t know if I can do it [again].” It's interesting to see how Korean spa culture is finding its place in the Western beauty world.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing gender neutral BB cream and cushion compacts in Korea


Korean complexion makeup tends to focus on giving you a glowing dewy complexion that enhances an already probably flawless canvas of skin. For dudes however who want to look just as radiant, there really isn’t a clear option other than borrowing their sister’s or girlfriend’s makeup. That doesn’t mean they won’t, considering that this i-D article covers this emerging trend of guys becoming more and more into wearing skin-enhancing makeup. We wonder who the first brand will be to break into cosmetics specifically geared towards men’s skin (or what it will look like), but from the looks of it, guys aren’t having a hard time finding options of the stuff we use.

Ever Wonder How Many Skin Care Products You Should Actually Be Using?

Illustration: Elliot Salazar

If you’re not a die-hard 10-stepper, you might be confused as to how many steps exactly you should have in your skin care routine. Soap and face cream  just won’t cut it obviously but it’s easy to be confused at what goes in between. We’re of the mind that it’s up to you and your skin to decide what’s needed, but that probably isn’t all that helpful to your query. This article has a bunch of dermatologists weighing in on how to decide which products (and how many of them) will serve you well, obviously referencing the Korean skin care regimen as a jump-off point.



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