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Skin Care

February 05, 2021 Dana Keovongsa

Q - What is the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine?

It’s the secret to getting the most amazing skin of your life. The 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine is the skin care regimen that includes thoroughly cleansing, exfoliating, treating, intensely hydrating, and applying SPF during the day. This regimen was inspired by women in Korea who are experts in taking care of their skin from an early age. To learn more, click here.

Q - Do I need to follow all 10-steps? Do I have to use Korean products?

No, following all 10-steps is optional and only you know what’s best for your skin. While Korean women are dedicated to their skincare and believe in the layering technique, you should choose what works for your unique skin type. The use of exclusively Korean products is also optional. It’s a good idea to start with the most essential products that will make a dramatic difference and gradually incorporate additional steps to your routine.

Q - I’m a total K-Beauty novice, what do I need to know to get started?

The first thing to know is that every person’s skin is unique, so skin care (Korean or not) is very personal and all about finding out what works best for you. This means skin care is very much a trial-and-error process and there really isn’t a foolproof way to get it right the first time. It’s also important to note that your skin is always changing so your skin care needs will also change over time.

You can check out what makes K-Beauty so special here on The Klog and how to find out which skin care steps to start with here.

Q - How do I know what my skin type is?

We know sometimes this can be a tricky thing to figure out, particularly when skin can change over time! Here are some loose guidelines to better understand the signs associated with your skin. You can also find out a couple tricks trusted dermatologists tell their clients to use to figure out their skin type on The Klog.

Check out our curated 10-Step Sets for each skin type here.

Q - What is the Double Cleanse?

The two-step cleansing method that is pure magic for your skin. The Double Cleanse starts with an oil cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. You need two different formulas to properly and thoroughly cleanse your face every day, in the morning and at night.

Learn more about the Double Cleanse here on The Klog.

Q - My new products are breaking me out! Why is this happening?

Your skin could be going through a period of ‘purging’, which is a term used to describe the adjustment period your skin goes through when you’re using a new product. You can read more about it on The Klog here.

Skin care is all about trial and error and the only sure way to find out what is right for your skin is simply to try them out one by one. Whenever introducing new products into your current skincare routine, try only one or two new products at a time and gradually incorporate them into your skin care routine. This way, you know the exact effects of the product, and you help your skin adjust to the new product.

But if irritation continues, you might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients, in which case you should stop using the product!

Q - Why is Alcohol found in several products on Soko Glam?

Great question! Alcohol or Alcohol Denat is found in many cosmetic products and has a variety of purposes in cosmetics. It acts as an anti-foaming agent, astringent, antimicrobial agent, and a solvent. It also helps deliver the active ingredients of a product and make products absorb and dry faster on the skin. It is not a harmful ingredient to the skin and is particularly beneficial for those with oily and/or acne-prone skin type.

You can read more about it on The Klog here.

Q - How should I apply my treatment products?

A good rule of thumb is to apply treatment products (essence, serum, ampoules, booster, etc) in order of their viscosity, so that the most lightweight, fluid products go on first.

Learn more about treatment products and how to apply them here on The Klog.

Q - If I use whitening products, will my skin tone literally change shades?

No. We do not sell any products with bleaching or whitening ingredients. Products with names or descriptions that include the word “whitening” simply mean 'brightening,’ and they help even out your skin tone and brighten your overall complexion. Your skin will not literally turn 'white'. Check out this article on The Klog for more details!

Q - What products are unsafe for me to use while I am pregnant/nursing?

The general consensus is that topical skin care products that are not prescribed by a doctor are completely safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing. You can read more about this on The Klog.

Having said that, we always recommend speaking with your doctor and taking the precautionary measures you see fit throughout your pregnancy. We want you to feel assured that you’re using only the right products for your precious little one!

Q - My Vitamin C product has turned yellow. Is this normal?

Yes, it’s completely normal! In fact, turning yellow is Vitamin C's natural process of oxidization - all Vitamin C products will gradually oxide and turn yellow over time. This means the effectiveness of Vitamin C products diminishes over a period of time, but it is not harmful to continue using on your skin in any way. We recommend keeping Vitamin C products, along with other products containing actives, out of sunlight and direct heat so you can keep them fresh as long as possible.

Learn more about where to store your products here.

Q - Why don’t you have a 10-step Korean Skin Care set for Sensitive skin?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to provide recommendations for sensitive skin types that guarantee no breakouts or irritation. Everyone's skin is different, and skin sensitivity can be triggered by many different factors, depending on the person.

Q - Can I use these products if I’m a male?

1000% yes. Whatever the outer packaging may look like, the ingredients and the formulas inside are not gender-specific. Nor are they age or ethnicity-specific for that matter. Korean skin care works for everyone not because it’s specifically meant for Korean or Asian skin but because it’s meant for skin in general, which we all have!

Q - What brand or product is all-natural or organic?

For a product to be truly 100% organic, it would also be entirely free of preservatives. Unfortunately, many companies mislabel their organic products—if a product was entirely organic, it would also go bad pretty quickly. As a result, you should be vigilant of any beauty products labeled as 100% organic. No industry standards or regulations are in place for organic skincare.

However, you’ll be happy to know that many Korean beauty brands do focus on using natural and gentle ingredients in their formulas.

Q - Why isn’t the K-Beauty brand I love not on Soko Glam?

If you’d like to see a particular brand or product on the site, we’d love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to email us your thoughts at Charlotte and her team test each and every product before deciding whether or not it will be curated for Soko Glam.

Also, please keep in mind that because Soko Glam offers a tight curation of Charlotte's favorite items, products you may have seen once before may no longer be available on the site.

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