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THE BRAND: Sweet and Playful From Etude House

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

We’re all guilty of indulging in cute packaging. That’s why my friends in their late 20's still buy Hello Kitty themed everything.

In the West, we often associate cutely packaged makeup as something you’d get for your 8-year-old niece - good enough for playtime. But what I’ve found is that cutely packaged Korean beauty goodies are just as impressive as any luxury brand with “adult” packaging. What boggles me is how they are able to focus on quality and packaging and still keep it affordable.

Although a lot of Korean brands have got cute packaging down - the brand I have been obsessed with recently is Etude House. Their packaging is absolutely irresistible. When you walk into an Etude House, there is an explosion of cute. There are panda shaped hand creams, cotton candy flavored lip tints and colorful eyeshadows in cupcake tins - just to name a few! It is absolute paradise for any beauty junkie out there.

I love testing and curating products from Etude House also because there are so many creative makeup tools and skincare products they come out with. And the icing on the cake? The price point is really too good to be true! It makes me feel good knowing that Etude House is a sister company to the luxury beauty giant AmorePacific, a brand that is known to have extremely high quality beauty products.


Even their storefronts are ridiculously cute—like walking into a life-sized dollhouse!


Inside of an Etude House in Singapore. They have over 550 stores and are growing rapidly in Asia.


This is their popular Dear My Jelly Lips Talk line, inspired by jelly beans!


I curated the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk line to Soko Glam because it is a perfect marriage of a lipstick and a gloss. Plus it's very moisturizing and smells delicious with beautifully sheer coverage. And did you check out the adorable names they gave all the shades?


After falling in love with their Collagen Moistfull eye cream and face masks and hearing good feedback from a lot of you, I recently curated the Toner, Moisturizer, Essence and Cream. This line is so popular, they say that this product is sold every 30 seconds.


Super moist! The Collagen Moistfull Cream keeps your face hydrated throughout the night to chase away wrinkles. It comes with a complimentary vial of essence, which is considered the most important step in your skincare routine.


Most recently added to Soko Glam is this gem: The Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker.


It's a tool and eyeshadow to extend the tail of your eyes (to look longer and bigger) and to add highlights underneath and around the corner of your eyes. 



Looking forward to curating more! Their Spring 2014 ad campaign features two K-pop spokesmodels: Sulli and Krystal. The ad is so cheery and colorful, it makes me so excited for spring and I can't wait to test their Color Lips-Fit line.


Would love to hear your thoughts! What do you think of Etude House products? Have you ever visited one of their stores? What is your all-time favorite Etude House product? If we curate it, we'll give you the product for sharing your K-beauty knowledge!


And as I always like to note, I am not paid to market any of these products. I independently test these products so that I can offer an unbiased selection of the best, most innovative Korean cosmetics. I only carry what I love.

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