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February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Waterfit Lipstick 

Korean dramas make you do crazy, loopy things. 


They'll make you bawl harder than you did when your own relationship ended.


You'll obsess over their bags, clothes, hair accessories and makeup.

And it'll even influence what you decide to eat for dinner.


The power of Korean dramas and drama stars is pretty impressive because of its influence outside of Korea too, from China to the US. One of my favorite dramas, Love from Another Star, is even being remade for the US audience by ABC.

Since I consider Cheon Song Yi my spirit animal, I set out on my last Seoul trip to get my hands on the IOPE Waterfit Lipstick she uses frequently as the female lead in Love from Another Star. On my last trip it was sold out everywhere so I was thrilled to finally test #44 Forever Pink.


Eeep! So excited!



#44 Forever Pink is perfect for the girl-next-door look.
Kissably soft, sweet and charming like Cheon Song Yi.


#18 Classic Red goes well with minimal eye makeup. Sultry + sexy!
Cheon Song Yi (left) & me (right) wearing #44 Forever Pink.

They're vibrant and moisturizing, so you don't have to worry about a gloss base before application. Also, totally buildable if you want a more intense look. IOPE has always been my go-to brand for cushion compacts, but now I'm hooked on their lippies. If you're crushing hard on Cheon Song Yi too and want to try the lippies - they've been newly curated on Soko Glam for $29.

Want to watch a Korean drama but don't know how to get started? I watch them for free (and with English subtitles) on Dramafever!


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