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Top Three K-beauty Staples To Nix Midday Grease

January 19, 2016 THE KLOG
  I always underestimate the stress of the entire month of December, and then I’m kind of blown away by how overwhelmed I am the entire month. A large part of the holidays means traveling, and for...

SKIN TIP: All About Eyes

January 11, 2016 Charlotte Cho
  Since my latest eye cream discovery, I've been wanting to call out just how important proper care around the eye area is. Your skin varies in thickness depending where on the body it is. One of ...

Our Top 3 Fave Online Beauty Resources

December 16, 2015 THE KLOG
  When it comes to K-beauty resource hangouts we flock here to The KLOG naturally, but that doesn’t mean there’s much that can’t be learned from branching out and exploring. Plug into these intern...

Winter Lip Care Tips Even Though It's NYC's Mildest Winter Yet

December 09, 2015 Sara Hayden
  You’ve broken out the giant parka that makes you look like a living, breathing Michelin (wo)man, you’ve armed yourself with gloves and a cozy scarf and fly and functional boots. You’ve even stoc...

Travel beauty tips from The Global Beauty

November 24, 2015 THE KLOG
We spoke with Stephanie Peterson, a model who’s worked with fashion and beauty brands worldwide. Having 10 years in the industry spent traveling to several different countries, as is the life of a...

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