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Skin school reflections

February 05, 2021 Charlotte Cho

Requisite bathroom selfie in celebration of finishing skin school!

Today I'm waxing nostalgic because it's time for one whirlwind of a chapter to close and another to begin.

Back in July I made the decision to dive deep into the world of skin care. I researched the best  esthetician schools, specifically ones that focused on understanding the science behind skin (versus, say, waxing). I wanted to be able to analyze different skin types and concerns.

Fast forward 10 months later, I can do just that as I graduate from Dermalogica Academy, one of the most well-regarded schools for skin therapy.

This weekend I finished my 600th hour of practical and theoretical training, the NY state requirement for all estheticians. Now I can take the state board exam to officially get my esthetician license! I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. 

Here a look back at what I did to get to this moment...

Anatomy and histology

You gotta know what makes your body tick! While at the academy, I spent the first half of the program studying the science of the body (anatomy) and skin (histology). They really work hand-in-hand. Skin is the largest organ, so whatever’s going on in the body really affects it.

Greeting and treating

The second half of the program involved real hands-on experience. At this point, I’ve treated well over 100+ paying clients.

This was one of the most rewarding exercises as I came to understand their conditions and concerns and really help them with my expertise in ingredients, products, and routines that could make a difference in the health of their skin.

Just a student, not a startup co-founder

During my night and weekend classes at esthetician school, I wanted to be known as just another student and not Charlotte from Soko Glam, so I actually didn’t tell my classmates about what I did during the day.

It was a good decision I think because skin school became my little escape where I could focus solely on learning. I love Soko Glam with all my heart, but this tiny break really helped me become the best esthetician I can be. And of course, now I’m excited apply my knowledge through Soko Glam to better help you!

Up next

School may be done, but I'm not. I'm looking forward to continuing to give treatments at the Academy from time to time. I only have one skin type, so when I talk deeply to other people about theirs and where they're coming from, it really gives me a lot of insight and ideas for how to help. And I hope this degree makes my blog posts even more useful to you! 

Going to night school definitely took a toll on my social life because I was always MIA. Now that I’m done, I look forward to happy hours with friends, cooking dinners at home and doing my laundry more regularly. Oh -- and Pitch Perfect 2. Who else can’t wait??

I feel extremely fortunate that I got to take my education to the next level. If you’re really passionate about something, I encourage you to learn as much as you can, whether it’s through school or not.

The experience has truly helped me understand more about the skin, and other passions I may not have found by myself. It’s definitely helped me answer your specific skin care questions and I will continue to do so in future.

As my dad says, education is never over, so I’ll continue taking courses and performing skin treatments here in the US (and even in Korea). I have a lot of things in store and I’m excited to pursue them.

Wish me luck!



P.S. Got questions? I’ve got more answers than ever, so send them my way in the comments below!

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