Korean Skincare for Men: Best Products

February 01, 2018 David Cho
For almost my entire adult life, I’ve been asked about my skin–specifically, what kind of products I use for my face. Most of the time, the questions would come from women, but a lot of the times ...

#SOKOMAN: Get your men's skin care and grooming questions answered

June 26, 2015 David Cho
Hello again! Dave here, Charlotte’s husband and Soko Glam co-founder. It’s great to be here on The KLOG, a retooled and rebooted iteration of The K-Beauty Log. If you missed my first blog pos...

#SOKOMAN: Men's Grooming Starter Kit

June 17, 2015 David Cho
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Charlotte’s gone to Seoul. I miss her, but I also find myself missing my eye cream, my cleanser, my toner. Yeah...I say “my” like these products belong to me...

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